Increase employee satisfaction by lowering their costs and yours.

Effectively manage prescription drug costs while continuously improving member care with attentive and adaptive pharmacy benefit management (PBMs) from MaxorPlus®.

Through unmatched experience, unparalleled customer services and in-depth reporting and analysis, you can save hard dollars in claims costs and increase satisfaction among plan members. MaxorPlus maintains a national pharmacy network with over 55,000 local and national chain pharmacies. With a customer service rating of 98%, MaxorPlus provides employers and members with a comprehensive solution for retail pharmacy, mail order pharmacy and specialty pharmacy.

Our pharmacy expertise extends to a wide range of areas, including:

    • Nationwide Pharmacy Network
    • Clinical Pharmacy Support
    • Eligibility Management
    • Customer Service
    • Finance
    • Account Management
    • Systems Administration
    • Specialty Pharmacy
    • Plan Design
    • Mail-Order Pharmacy Integration

In addition to centralized management and accountability, MaxorPlus provides the following tools:

  • Dedicated and Accessible Account Management provides PBM plan design consultations, analysis, cost-projection recommendations and quarterly reviews to ensure cost effectiveness. Benefit from unfettered access to senior-level managers.
  • Experienced and Responsive Customer Service available to benefits personnel, plan members, participating pharmacies and physicians. 
  • Flexible and Integrated Reporting for all claims data, including mail order, retail and specialty pharmacy, as well as access to industry leading reporting platforms.
  • Proven Clinical Pharmacy Management in formulary development and management, drug utilization review (concurrent, retrospective, prospective), educational programs and MaxResults clinical programs. All clinical programs are monitored by our clinical staff to ensure safety and savings.

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What can MaxorPlus® do for you?

Whether through mail order service or specialty pharmacy, MaxorPlus gives members multiple ways to quickly, easily and accurately refill prescriptions.


Design a plan that fits your needs.

We are here to serve you. We can make recommendations on all aspects of plan design available in the industry.